Like a Carini second set opener, we’re bringing the HEAT!

To purchase a bottle, please fill out the order form below and a member of our team will contact you to confirm your order and request payment. For now, we will be taking payments through our Venmo: @phishtown_sauce_co


All of our ingredients are locally sourced from Philadelphia.

Split Open and Heat – $12
The hot one you have been wanting to add to your fridge. A habanero based extra hot sauce that is doused in garlic and Habaneros start off the kick, black pepper finishes it off. TURMERIC makes your belly feel good. The garlic is what makes it taste good. It’s hot…. Deal with it, because you will love it.  Split open those chicken wings and melt the sauce on your taste buds.

Welcome, This is a Hot Sauce -$12
A sauce for everyone. The best of the hot green peppers. Tacos, steak,… pick your poison. Enjoy a lite ginger taste while the burn of the hot peppers are tamed by the bitterness of the vinegar. Great in a farmhouse or a city row home.

Sauce Upon the Waves – $12
The perfect sauce for all of your seafood. Dip your crabs or shrimp, even smother your sweet summer corn in it. Great for a boil, a stock, and even great as a marinade. Whatever you want, wade in the seas of the sauce.

Fishtown, PA Pick Up Location & Times

Crease Street Garden
M-F 6:30-9pm
Sat/Sun – available upon request

Baltimore, MD Pick Up Location & Times

Baltimore pick up locations and time will vary upon request and will be confirmed upon ordering.

Local delivery is available for an additional $5

Shipping is available for an additional $7 on all orders over 3 bottles

Bag it, Tag it! $10 per bottle when you buy 3 or more!

Place your order below and someone will confirm it within 24-48 hours. All shipments will go out once a week and we will provide tracking information once your orders goes out.



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  • Tomato Pasta Sauce (no meat)
  • Pesto Sauces
    • Classic
    • Spicy
  • Hot Honey
  • Marinades
  • Pickled Things

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